Clinical counseling is individual, marriage or family counseling provided by a licensed professional, free of charge. This counseling is short-term, non-medical and goal directed. FFSC counseling focuses on emotional reactions and situational difficulties, such as: depression, troubled relationships, or family issues, which can result from deployments, separations, relocations, and other stresses common to the military way of life.

Personal Finance Management is the Navy’s effort to promote good money management skills within its force. Services include individual counseling and workshops such as check writing, managing credit, avoiding debt and planning for your financial future. 

A Personal Financial Manager provides financial education and training as well as counseling that emphasize long-term financial responsibility and sound money management, debt management, use of credit, saving and investing and retirement planning. Call for an appointment.

Crisis Response is the quick response provided for commands, personnel and families when they are faced with crisis situations, ranging from sexual assault or loss of life, to natural or Naval disaster, to evacuation or war. In the midst or aftermath of an incident, the FFSC provides command consultation, crisis intervention, coordination of support, resources and volunteers, 24 hour information and referral, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, and follow-on counseling or referral services

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