Boat Rentals

Carr Creek Marina rents canoes, kayaks, power boats (15’, 16’, 17’, 18’, 20’ and 21’), sailboats (12’, 22’, 24’, and 25’) and stand-up paddle boards (half day, full day, weekend or weekly).

RESERVATIONS:  Five Days in advance 


  • A pre-rental inspection of the boat will be made with the renter.  The condition of the boat and any issues shall be noted and initialed on the rental agreement.
  • Minimum age to rent a boat is 16.
  • Rental Agreement and Hold Harmless Agreement (see Downloads) for each adult with minors listed shall be fully completed for each rental.  A copy of the rental agreement and the vessels registration card shall accompany the rental boat for the duration of the rental period.  The documents shall be placed in a “dry bag” for safekeeping. 
  • All renters must be qualified MWR facilities users.
  • MWR CCM will provide each renter a USCG approved PFD of an appropriate size.  In accordance with MD State Law, children 13 years of age and younger shall be required to wear a PFD at all times on the water.
  • A USCG Approved throwable flotation device, handheld day flares, an audible warning device (air horn), fire extinguisher, paddle and anchor with a suitable rode shall be supplied with each rental boat.
  • A rental history is required to move to larger vessels beginning with smaller/older boats. Two successful rentals are required before moving up to the next boat.
  • Reserved boats will be held for 15 minutes without prior notification before being offered to interested renters.  



  • Sailboat rental skippers must possess a USNSA Basic Keelboat Skipper Qualification or its ASA equivalent (ASA 101) US Sailing Basic Keelboat or other USNSA recognized Basic Keelboat Qualifications.  Said certification must be presented at the time of rental.  
  • Each rental sailboat must have a qualified skipper and at least one crew person over the age of 16.
  • Experienced sailors with no Keelboat Skipper Qualification may challenge for a qualification.  Vessel rental is subject to the successful completion of the qualification.
  • Rental history begins with the Rainbow 24’, Rhodes 19’, Capri 22’, Hunter 22’and Catalina 25’
  • Area of Operations for sailboats. 
    • The operational boundaries for each class of sailboat will be drawn to the attention of the skipper on a nautical chart depicting the Severn River and Chesapeake Bay. 
    • Rainbow 24, Rhodes 19’, Hunters 22 and Capri 22 Sailboats.  Area of operation is:  an eastern boundary defined by a line between Greenbury and Tolly Points and up river on the Severn as far as US Naval Academy Bridge. 
    • For the Catalina 25, the area of operation is:  That area described in (1) above and the vessel may be sailed on the Chesapeake Bay between the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and a southern boundary abeam Bloody Point
  • Overnight Rentals: The Catalina 25 sailboat that is being used overnight must have a Float Plan (see downloads) completed and submitted to CCM by the renting skipper.



  • Individuals born after 1 July 1972 may rent a powerboat for one occasion only.  Subsequent rentals require the individual to possess a Maryland Safe Boaters Certificate or equivalent.
  • Prior to the initial scheduling and rental of a powerboat, all individuals must complete a 26 question boating test and demonstrate practical boat operating skills.  The test and evaluation shall be administered by CCM.  To qualify for powerboat rental, the individual shall achieve a passing score of 20 correct answers on the written test and successfully demonstrate practical on water boat operating skills.
  • The area of operation for rental powerboats is:  an eastern boundary defined by a line between Greenbury and Tolly Points and up river on the Severn as far as the navigable headwaters of the Severn River.
  • Rental history begins with the Boston Whaler 15’, BW 17’, BW 18’, then the Tahoe 20’ or Angler 20’
  • Upon the return of the rental powerboat, the vessel will be removed from the water to its trailer or cradle and an inspection will be made to ascertain if there is any damage to the vessel, its equipment or if any equipment loss has occurred.  In the event of damage or loss being discovered it will be drawn to the renter’s attention, the damage and/or loss will be documented on the Rental Boat Damage Reporting Form (encl 3).  The document shall be signed by both the renter and the CCM employee responsible for the post use inspection.  The renter shall be advised that after an assessment for repairs and cost is established they will be invoiced for those costs.  CCM will prepare and mail that invoice for payment to the renter. 
  • Fishing is permitted from the Boston Whaler 15’, 17’, 18’, Angler 20’ and all Jonboats. Renters are responsible for complying with any Federal or State laws governing fishing activity.
  • Towing of any waterborne object by rental power boats is prohibited.
  • Gasoline fuel will be supplied in 1 full 6 gallon tank and additional usage will be charged at the current Naval Exchange (NEX) gasoline rates. Usage will be calculated to the nearest full gallon.High Performance Powerboat Rental.  Special conditions apply to rent the TAHOE and ANGLER powerboats.  
  • The quality, capabilities and performance of these vessels, require renters to demonstrate their ability to responsibly operate these boats.  The CCM will determine the qualifications of the individual prior to scheduling and renting these vessels.  
  • A damage free boating history with CCM must exist prior to renting the TAHOE and ANGLER. 
  • These vessels are rented on a “full tank out, full tank in” basis. Upon return of these boats at the end of the rental period, they will be removed from the water, placed on their trailers and taken to the to the NEX gas station where the renter shall be responsible for purchasing a full tank of fuel. 
  • The area of operation for the TAHOE and ANGLER boats are:  an eastern boundary defined by a line between Greenbury and Tolly Points and up river on the Severn as far as the navigable headwaters of the Severn River.  Additionally these vessels may be used on the Chesapeake Bay between the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and a southern boundary abeam Bloody Point. These boundaries will be drawn to the renter’s attention on a nautical chart showing the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay

Marina FAQ


What is the process to rent a boat?
Contact the marina office for reservations

How far in advance can I make a reservation?
Up to 5 days in advance

As a new renter, what boats can I rent?
Carr Creek Marina requires a rental history regardless of experience. First time renters are only qualified to rent LEVEL 1 boats.

What are the boat levels?
1,2 and 3

What are the boats in the levels?
Level 1
Boston Whaler 15’
Level 2
Boston Whaler 17’ and 18’
Level 3
Angler, Tahoe and McKee Craft
Level 1
Rainbow 24’ and Rhodes 19’
Level 2
Hunter 22’
Level 3
Catalina 25’

What do I need to rent a sailboat?
You need to have ASA 101, Basic Keelboat or equivalent.

Can I take a sailboat out alone?
No, you must have one crew member over the age of 16.

Can one of my guests operate a vessel?
No. Only the qualified renter can operate the vessel and must possess the qualifications to operate the boat.

If I’m a first time sailboat renter at your MWR, what sailboats can I rent?
You can rent rainbows

What is included when renting a sailboat?
You will receive life jackets for those that are on the boat and all required safety gear.

What do I need to rent a powerboat?    
If you were born after July 1972, you will need to obtain the Boaters Safety course. Please bring this to the Marina so our staff can verify.   If you were born before July 1972, you will take a 20 questions test on basic boating information.

I have a Boaters Safety course from another state, will MWR-Annapolis accept that?
Yes, as long as it is NASBLA approved.

If I’m a first time powerboat renter at your MWR, what powerboats can I rent?
You can rent the Boston Whaler 15’

What is included when renting a powerboat?
You will receive life jackets for those that are on the boat and all required safety gear.
One 6 gallon tank of fuel

Does MWR provide the required classes to be certified?
MWR offers the both ASA 101 and Boaters Safety Course.

Are pets allowed on boats?
On all except the Tahoe and not recommended on sailboats.

Do I have to pay for the fuel?
The first tank comes with boat. Customer only pays what they use on the second tank.
Tahoe, Angler and The McKee Craft begin the rental with a full tank of fuel, at the end of the rental, the customer pays to refill the fuel tank

Can I fish on the rental boats?
On all except the Tahoe

How long can I rent the boat?
Sailboats rent hourly with a 3 hour minimumPowerboats rent hourly

What is the loading limit for all the boats?

Rhodes 19’        4 passengers
Rainbow 24’        6 passengers
Hunter 22’        6 passengers
Catalina 25’        7 passengers

Powerboats (weights include fuel and gear):
Boston Whaler 15’    4 passengers        615lbs max
Boston Whaler 17’    6 passengers        915lbs max
Boston Whaler 18’    7 passengers        970lbs max
McKee Craft 18’    8 passengers        1,150 lbs max
Angler 20’        8 passengers        1,200lbs max
Tahoe 21’        9 passengers        1,700lbs max

How far can we take the boat out?
Level 1 and 2 must stay between the mouth of the river and the 1st bridge(Naval Academy)
Level 3 and 4 may travel within Maryland waters
Level 1 and 2 must stay in the Severn River
Level 3 are limited to the northern and southern points of Kent Island

Which boats can we take over night?
Only Level 3 sailboats (Catalina 25')

What size life jackets do you have?
We have all sizes:
Child 30-50 lbs
Child 50-90 lbs
Adult X-L

Can we bring our own life jackets?
Yes, you may

What’s included with renting kayaks?
Lifejackets for all participants with a sound making device attached

Can we take the kayaks off base?
Yes, but return times still apply based on the reservation

Do you have a Kayak rack I can use for the top of vehicle?
Yes, car-topping kits are available at no charge if requested

Where do I fuel the power boat tank?
On Level 3 boats, there is a fill fitting on the side deck. We will trailer them to the NEX gas station, you will swipe your credit/debit card and we will fill the boats tank.

Do you have to wear a life jacket?
Per Maryland law
“All children under the age of 13 must WEAR a US Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device(Type I,II,III or IV) while underway on a recreation vessel under 21’ in length in Maryland waters”
Lifejackets are issued to all patrons and it is highly recommended that they be worn by all.

Does weather affect rentals?
Allowing a rental to go or and request to be returned is at the discretion of the staff and management based on local conditions.
Marina staff must have a way to contact the renter at any time to recall them in inclement weather.


How do you haul-out boats?
We use a submersible hydraulic trailer.
See “Haulout/ launch customer responsibilities” document on the Dry storage page on this website

When you haul out, does the rolling furling genoa need to be removed?
Yes, we experience occasional high winds

What is included when you haul-out the boat?
The haulout fee includes:

What is the max weight, draft and length I can haul-out?
Weight 30,000lbs
Draft 6’
Length 42’

When do you haul out/launch boats?
Labor Day through Memorial Day. Monday-Friday Weather dependent.
Generally not hauling out boats Jan and Feb due to weather and maintenance.
Memorial Day to Labor Day Wed and Thursday. Reservations only.

Storage (See Slips and Storage Page)

What is the length of stay I can store my vessel?
Storage contracts are written for terms of 1 year unless the patron is a “transient”

If I recently sold my boat or trailer, can the spot be transferred to the new owner?
If the purchaser is a qualified MWR customer, they will need to sign a new storage contract.
If the boat is in a slip, they would need to be placed on the waitlist and that slip would be offered to the next person on the waitlist

Can I work on my boat while it’s on stands?
Yes, all rules and regulations must be followed. See rules and regulations on this website.

Can I sand my boat?
Yes, all rules and regulations must be followed. See rules and regulations on this website.

Can I paint my boat?
Yes, all rules and regulations must be followed. See rules and regulations on this website.

Is electricity provided?
Yes, there are 30a outlets along the bulkhead, however NFPA regulations state that vessels may not be plugged in while unattended.

Is potable water available?
Yes, along the bulkhead and seasonally winterized. (Generally off Nov. 15- March 15th)

Does the marina staff offer repair services?
We offer limited services. See service rate sheet.

Can I move my own jack stands?
No. Only marina staff is permitted to move stand. Please see office to move stands.

Does MWR Marina supply equipment for boat maintenance?
No. There are a few ladders available, but must be returned.

Is there a waiting list for slips?
Yes. An application can be found on the “Slips” page on this website

Who has access to MWR Carr Creek Marina?
Active duty and retired military and DOD civilians
Veterans with 0%-100% disability with correct VA documentation

Do you have any ramps we can use?
Yes, there are 2 boat ramps on base. Parking is extremely limited. Cannot impede Navy Missions.

Is there a dock we can use?
The 2 MWR docks are not conveniently located for use with the boat ramps.


Can I tie my personal boat to one of the moorings?
No it’s only provided for our rentals and class boats.


Where is fishing permitted?
Possum point is a designated fishing area.
Along the shoreline at Mill Creek and at the bulkhead at Carr Creek, fishing is not permitted, but may be allowed providing marina mission is not affected and fisherman do not leave a mess. (Trash in and Trash out. Please do not leave any fishing lines out. This can be hazardous to our staff. All equipment including wood blocks are for marina use only)
Fishing from the docks of Mill Creek and along the crane and dock area at Carr Creek ARE NOT permitted at any time.

Do I need a fishing license?
Yes. License can be purchased through Maryland Department of Natural resources and are required and on all boats and shore.