Due to HPCON Charlie, the NSA Annapolis Fitness Center is now open for Active Duty Only with a reservation for a 45 minute time slot. A proper FACE MASK MUST WE WORN AT ALL TIMES, even when doing cardio.  

1. Phone reservations are required by calling 410-293-9204 or 410-293-9229.
2. Ten (10) reservations will be scheduled per hour.
3. Workouts are limited to 45 minutes.
4. You are required to bring your personal water, towel and exercise mat.
5. Showers and Lockers are closed.
6. You can schedule one workout per day and only for the following day.
7.To enter the facility patrons are required to wear a face covering, answer the screening questions and have a temperature less than 100 degrees.
8. All patrons are required to use hand sanitizer when entering the facility.
9. Face coverings must be worn when entering and exiting the facility, as well as when using the restroom or moving to other areas of the facility.
10. 6 ft. of distance must be maintained whenever possible
11. The racquetball courts and functional fitness areas are closed until further notice

The DoD has multiple resources for individuals to maintain a level of fitness while preserving social distancing guidance. The below links provide free resources and workouts, using body weight or common household items. 
Commercial Organizations
Media outlets have identified multiple fitness organizations that are providing at-home services for free or for a trial period. The Navy does not endorse or support the identified commercial program opportunities:
Virtual Workouts (Chicago Tribune)  
Live Stream Workout Classes (Good Housekeeping)
Additional companies that have communicated with MWR Fitness for free at-home options include:

The MWR Annapolis Fitness Center includes a basketball gym; free weight, circuit strength training and cardiovascular rooms; racquetball court, cyle room, a functional fitness room, group exercise classes as announced, and an intramural sports program.

Fitness equipment includes treadmills, cross-trainers, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, ellipticals, strength equipment and an FM wireless fitness cinema.  The fitness center has men’s and women’s showers with day lockers, free towel checkout, racquetball gear, weight belts, basketballs and other equipment checkout.

No youths under the age of 12 are permitted in any area of the Fitness center. Youth ages 12 through 14 are authorized access to the Fitness Center under the following guidelines: Youth in the approved age range must be accompanied at all times in all areas of the fitness center by a parent or a legal guardian.

MWR Fitness Specialists and Personal Training

MWR Fitness Specialists can help you achieve your optimum level of personal fitness by performing a variety of services that range from personal assessments, to developing a personal workout plan, to being your personal trainer. You may combine all three services to help you achieve results!

Our Fitness Specialists conduct personal fitness assessments to determine a customer's individual fitness level based on measurements and body composition, while discussing past, present and future health and fitness levels. Once a baseline level is established, a personal plan of action is created to achieve desired fitness and lifestyle goals. Patrons may work out on their own or with the Fitness Specialist as his/her personal trainer.

Fitness Center Orientation

MWR Fitness Specialists conduct orientations to show you how to properly use fitness and weight equipment. Schedule an appointment by calling 410-293-9204.

NOFFS - Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System

Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System is an evidence-based performance tool that addresses injury prevention by physically training operational job movement patterns. Rather than focusing specifically on the physical readiness test (PRT), NOFFS emphasizes how to specifically improve the functional performance of a Sailor during daily operations including lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, aerobic/anaerobic demands, body movement skills with balance, agility and coordination.

Additionally, NOFFS provides foundational and performance nutrition guidance. The purpose of NOFFS is to meet the operational, physical and fueling demands of Sailors in order to remain ready for the missions of today's Navy. For more information, call 410-293-9204