Planning a Visit to Greenbury Point? Here Is What You Should Know to Make Your Visit Safe and Enjoyable 

Greenbury Point, located at the mouth of Severn River in Anne Arundel County, is a Navy property managed by Naval Support Activity (NSA) Annapolis as a mission-supportive natural resources conservation area. It has become a popular hiking destination for nature lovers, runners, walkers, and dog walkers. While the Navy allows public access to the conservation area when safe to do so, the area is also critical to the NSA Annapolis mission and can close anytime without prior notification.
Greenbury Point is currently open to the general public when the firearm ranges are not operational or other training events do not preclude public access.  The roads that many use recreationally are within the Surface Danger Zone for the firearms range at NSA Annapolis.  A Surface Danger Zone, or SDZ as it is more commonly known, is defined as “that portion of the land and the air above in which personnel and/or equipment may be endangered by ground weapons firing or demolition activities.”
NSA Annapolis Commanding Officer Capt. Homer Denius wants to remind visitors to keep safety in mind when planning to visit and enjoying the conservation area. 
“You can enjoy Greenbury Point, but for your safety, you need to adhere to the posted signage and warnings. Most importantly, gates, lights, and signage indicate when the gravel roads are closed to the public due to use of the firearms range; dogs must be on a leash while being walked, and there is limited parking on Greenbury Point. Please note cars parked outside of a marked parking spot will be ticketed and could be towed,” said Denius.
“Greenbury Point serves as a training hub for the U.S. Naval Academy, so the conservation area is frequently closed to accommodate our future leaders’ mission requirements,” said Zoe Johnson, NSA Annapolis Community Planning Liaison Officer. “Some of their training includes field operations, navigation drills, and physical fitness.”
Additionally, according to Johnson, some of the conservation area covering approximately 240 acres is reserved for military recreational use for service members and families, installation personnel, alumni, and retirees. 
“When we demolished the older facilities in the area, we converted the space for military and DoD civilian personnel recreational use,” said Johnson. “The marina, picnic grounds and guest cottages, currently being built, are for military and DoD civilian personnel use only.” 
“The general public is open to use the walking trails and access roads, but we want people to be safe when they visit the area,” added Johnson. “We take additional safety measures when the area is in use, especially when the firearms range is operational. It is imperative that people refrain from climbing or walking around the gates and fences when the trails or roads are closed.”  
“You can enjoy Greenbury Point, but for everyone’s safety, we want them to adhere to the posted signage and warnings,” said Denius. 
Current operating hours, rules, and regulations for Greenbury Point:  
  • Twitter @NSAAnnapolis
  • Follow all posted rules and directions as given by security personnel.
  • Park in designated spaces only. Do not park on the grass. If you park illegally, you may be ticketed or towed.
  • No unauthorized access beyond closed gates is permitted.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle travel is allowed on designated Walking Trails and the East and West Tower Access Roads, unless otherwise posted.
  • All dogs must be on a leash at ALL times. The leash should not be more than 10 feet in length with one end secured to restrict the movement of the animal. Non-compliant dog walkers may be asked to leave.
  • Pet owners shall pick up and remove all pet waste.
  • Leave wildlife, plants, and artifacts undisturbed so that others may enjoy them.
  • Take litter home, or place in trash containers where provided. This includes pet waste.
  • Do not walk near the shoreline bulkhead or dock boats along the shoreline.
  • Be aware of hazards on the property such as ticks, stinging insects, and poisonous plants. Mill Creek Marina is for the use of NSA Annapolis Moral Welfare and Recreation slip-holders and guests only. 
  • The flying of drones is prohibited at all times.
  • Weapons are prohibited. Federal law prohibits the possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons on installation property.
  • All persons and any property under their control are subject to administrative inspection.
  • No public restrooms are available at Greenbury Point.
For more information on Greenbury Point, please contact the Community Planning Liaison Officer at 410-293-1084. 

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