Spouse Employment Services

The goal of the Family Employment Assistance/Readiness Program is to help spouses and family members obtain suitable employment, establish career goals and maintain career progression, despite frequent relocations. Staff offers a variety of workshops for spouses to learn new skills and hone techniques. Topics include:

  • Job search strategies -- Learn how to assess the hidden job market, finding a job long-distance and job searches on the Internet.
  • Federal employment system -- Learn how to find federal government vacancies and job listings, complete the application process and understand standard qualification and testing requirements. 
  • Effective resume writing -- Learn how to market your skills, knowledge, accomplishments and experience with an impressive resume. The one-session workshop includes tips on translating military terminology. 
  • Interview techniques -- Hone your skills by learning how to give positive answers to difficult questions, dress for success, body language, positive attitude, interview follow-up techniques and salary negotiation.

An example of spouse employment is the Child Development Homes program. The program trains and certifies and monitors dependents of active and retired military, reservists and Department of Defense employees, offering self-employment as a child development provider. Providers attend 20 hours of orientation classes including CPR and First Aid. National background checks are performed on all providers. CDH program offers providers the opportunity to work in their home and watch their own children grow and develop while at the same time caring for children and earning an additional income.