Slips and Dry Storage

Dry storage facilities accommodates boats, RVs and pop-up campers. Haul-out, wash and launch are available by  appointment Monday through Friday.

Annual Slip Rates


Active duty 

All others
25'  $2040 / $170  $2136 / $178
30' $2448 / $204 $2550 / $212.50
36' $2940 / $245 $3060 / $255
42' $3432 / $286 $3570 / $297.50


Storage Rates

$3 per foot, including hitch

Storage Rules

Trailer/RV must be maintained in an operational state to allow moving. 
30-day written notice must be given to marina to terminate contract
All trailers must maintain current insurance and registration.
No lose materials or equipment shall be stored in or around the assigned space.
Covers must be kept in good condition and properly secured. 
No Trailer/RV other than the specified Trailer/RV that is described in the contract agreement shall be placed in the assigned space.
Corrective parking by the Marina will be charged to the owner ($20.00) for each incident.
If another Trailer/RV has occupied your space, leave your Trailer/RV at the Marina office area and notify the office immediately.
All decals must be readily visible and placed on the designated location of the Trailer/RV, as mandated by the Marina office.
Patrons are responsible for trash removal from their assigned spaces

Customer’s responsibilities while hauling and launching:

Prior to haulout, sailboats must have furling headsails removed.
Hand Signals
Follow only the trailer operators LEFT hand
Baton straight up=maintain course
Baton to your right=steer right
Baton to your left=steer left
The further in either direction the baton goes=steer more in that direction
Baton crossing throat=turn off engine
Thumbs up=start engine
Hauling out:
Haul-out, wash, and launch are available by appointment in the following time slots, Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:30 PM
Follow trailer operators directions to steer onto the trailer
Keep the vessel in forward gear and follow steering instructions to place boat straight onto trailer
Turn off engine when instructed
Stay seated while boat is brought up ramp and while transiting boatyard
A ladder will be provided to climb off of your vessel when the truck stops at the office
Keep clear while boat is loaded onto the trailer
Boat may be safely boarded when boat is on trailer
Remain seated while vessel transits boatyard and backs down launch ramp
When operator signals with thumbs up, you may start your engine and check the vessel for leaks and proper operation
When you are confidant with the operation of your engine, shift into reverse, apply ¾ throttle and give operator a thumbs up signaling your readiness to launch and back-off of trailer
Once boat is floating freely, operator CANNOT recapture vessel. It is imperative that you are confidant your engine will not stall before giving thumbs up signal


The following actions are PROHIBITED by patrons on or near the marina piers, ramp boat storage lot, and comfort station:

1. Maintenance of any vehicle or vessel.
2. Use of petroleum products and / or other hazardous substances to perform
3. Washing of motor vehicles
4. Flushing of motors, bilges, sanitary tanks, etc.
5. Diving, fishing, crabbing, and swimming in marina waterways or piers
6. Rough play, loitering, running or unsafe practices on or around piers and comfort station
7. Use of any type of detergent to wash or rinse boat hulls
8. Glass containers or other breakable in marina comfort station or piers and grounds

MWR Marina FAQ

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