COVID-19 Update

NSA Annapolis COVID-19 Updates

Last updated  12.1.20

Effective November 20, 2020, NSA Annapolis is currently in HPCON Charlie status. The installation continues to open facilities to patrons as conditions allow. Masks and social distancing are REQUIRED on the installation. 

Please utilize the graphic below for function-specific details.

Attention NAF Employees - Support is available for any NAF employee experiencing increased anxiety, fear, or emotional stress surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, it may help to speak to a professional clinician through your employee assistance program (EAP) provided by ACI Specialty Benefits. ACI’s EAP  is confidential, free to use for employees, and open to all family members. Call ACI at 800.932.0034 or email

Download the brochure here.

Regional and Installation News

United States Naval Academy Updates.

General Resources

Fleet & Family Support Services (FFSC) 410-293-2641 - Open Tuesdays for anyone PCS-ing into the base. Call and leave a message or email to request information or services

  • All in-person group programs are suspended.
  • New Parent Support Home Visitation services will be provided telephonically.
  • Service members and their families should use virtual platforms, such as Military One Source and Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) to the greatest extent possible. Use Joint Knowledge Online for Transition Assistance classes.
  • Sexual assault CMG, FAP IDC/CCSM, and High Risk for Violence Teams meet telephonically, to the maximum extent possible.
  • SAIL and FAP services will be provided telephonically via 202-480-1046

DEERS, ID, and CAC Office - 168 Bennion Rd. call 410-293-5813 for assistance in accessing the handicapped ramp to the building 

  • Open for ID and CAC renewals with an appointment.
  • The Annapolis Thrift Store at 126 Alder Rd. will be opening for limited hours in September, Tues. & Thursdays 10-1. Call 410-293-4402 for info.
  • Call Washington Navy Yard (202-433-3364)  You will be directed to closest open office for assistance
  • American Red Cross - 877-272-7337

School Liaison Assistance - Email:

Visit AA County Public Schools page for specific information and online resources for parents.

Child & Youth Programs

Open - Condition Level 2

Effective March 26, 2020 Naval District Washington (NDW) Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP) will suspend care at all Child Development Centers for all patrons that are not designated as mission critical by their command. Commands will contact their designated personnel directly and may be required to provide Navy CYP with a designation letter to ensure only mission critical personnel receive care at this time. Those designated mission critical, but not currently registered with CYP, must register prior to scheduling or utilizing care.

  •     Enhanced health screenings will occur, to include taking temperatures prior to admittance for care. Parents should continue to self-screen themselves and their children prior to arriving at the center.
  •     All Hourly Childcare cancelled (unless emergency/ mission essential)
  •     All Youth Sports, Youth/Teen Programs, Field Trips away from Navy Childcare facilities cancelled
  •     No New childcare enrollees into Navy operated programs (unless emergency/mission essential)
  •     Parents are required to self-care for own children at home if Navy full-time telework agreement during COVID-19 pandemic is executed, parent fees will be waived/space saved

Housing Service Center and LMH

  • Housing Service Center is now closed
  • LMH is providing limited service via phone

Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) 410-293-9200

  • MWR Car Wash is open
  • Fitness center is now open for Active Duty Only by reservation only. 45 minute reservations allowed. Call 410-293-9204.
  • No indoor group exercise classes or Command PT
  • Intramural Sports are cancelled.
  • Marina, Liberty, Outdoor Rec, Auto Skills, Community Rec and Tickets & Travel are open with limited hours. 
  • Patrons can access their vehicles or RVs in storage for removal if needed.
  • Navy Getaways Suites and the Campground are open for limited reservations. Call 1-877-NAVYBED. Call 410-293-3906 (option 2) for any additional Getaway or Campground questions.


  • The Navy Exchange (NEX) Food Court is open for business. There will be no seating on-site and all food orders will be prepared in to go containers until further notice.
  • Barbershop is now open by appointment only.
  • Fitting Rooms are closed

Naval Health Clinic Annapolis

The clinic hours/times are being reduced from 0730-1800 to 0800-1600.
They encourage everyone to follow them at: https://www.facebook.noclick_com/NavalHealthClinicAnnapolis/
or twitter @NHCAcommand

Naval Health Clinic Annapolis is taking preventive and precautionary measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Measures include checkpoints, a thorough screening process and limited access to the Military Treatment Facility.
Naval Health Clinic Annapolis is open and available at this time for patients with scheduled appointments, or pharmacy, laboratory or radiology needs.
Visitors and individuals without appointments or a need for clinical services will not be allowed to enter the facility.
An initial checkpoint and screening process to identify patients at risk for COVID-19 has been implemented.  If you are cleared via the screening process, you will be permitted to enter the clinic.
Beneficiaries aged 65 and older, pregnant women and individuals with serious underlying medical conditions are strongly discouraged from entering Naval Health Clinic Annapolis due to the risks associated with COVID-19.
Prescription Pick-up. We no longer accept screen shots of your Military ID via smart phone. It is required to present your CAC or Military ID in order to pick-up prescriptions. 
Call the pharmacy ahead to reduce your wait time! 410.293.2406, option 3.
Paper scripts and refill processing takes 48 hours, so we highly recommend that you call ahead or transition to Express Scripts.
If you haven't already signed up for Express Scripts for medication needs, then now is the time. Go here to sign up:
Secure messaging is the best way to keep in touch with our clinic providers. If you haven't already, now is the time to sign up!
Only patients with an appointment and their escort (parent/guardian) are permitted in the clinic.  
A child may be accompanied for an appointment by one adult, however, siblings without appointments are not allowed to enter the clinic. 
If you need to contact any of our healthcare team, please call (410) 293-2273, Monday – Friday from 0700-1600.
The Nurse Advice Line is available 24 hours per day at 1-800-874-2273. 
In an emergency situation go to the nearest emergency room for care.  

Beginning August 3, the following access guidelines will apply when visiting the USNA:

When directed, USNA will execute Enhanced Medical Screenings, to include temperature checks, for all personnel entering USNA gates.  


  • For vehicular traffic, screenings will occur inside Gate 8 in the Hubbard Hall parking lot and inside Gate 1 at the Halsey Field House cutout.  
  • Walk aboard traffic will be screen at Halsey (Gate 1), Hubbard Hall (Gate 8), or at Gate 3.  
  • Screenings will occur from ~0630-1030 daily.  
  • Personnel will not be expected to exit their vehicle.  All adult individuals in a vehicle will be screened.  (Commercial vehicles / service contractors are exempted from checks.)
  • Screenings will consist of symptoms checks, travel history, and temperature checks.
  • Cost Centers may conduct their own screenings of personnel arriving to work outside these peak hours.
  • Screening personnel watchbill will be provided by TDY Coordinator and supervised by the NADO.  NADO will notify CDO when commencing, concluding, or suspending checks (COS as well when suspending checks).
  • Gate screenings will be canceled in case of severe weather.

Screening will consist of:

Symptoms check
Travel History in last 14 days
Temperature Check
Symptoms/ Questions will be listed on an printed sign and reviewed with each individual while temperature taken with IR thermometer

If temp is > 100, re-test in 5 minutes
If temp remains > 100, access denied

Travel – within 14 days
International travel – no access; refer to Supervisor/employer
Domestic travel – take name and refer to Supervisor for ROM requirements


1. In the Past 24 Hours, have you had any of the following symptoms?
• Fever or chills
• Muscle or body aches
• Cough (not due to allergies) Sore throat
• Shortness of breath
• Loss of smell or taste
• Nausea or vomiting
• Congestion or runny nose
• Diarrhea

If “Yes”, LEAVE/DO NOT ENTER the workplace Uniformed personnel inform Chain of Command.  DoD Civilian or Contractor inform supervisor.  Put on a clean mask or face covering and contact/report to your medical provider (call ahead to inform them of your arrival).  Follow CDC Guidance.   ENTRY DENIED

2. Have you travelled internationally within the last 14 days?
If Yes”, LEAVE/DO NOT ENTER the workplace.  Contact Supervisor.  Supervisors consult with base Public Health Emergency Officer (PHEO). 
If member travelled to/through/from a CDC Level 2 or Level 3 country
Uniformed Personnel.  Complete 14 Days of ROM.  ENTRY DENIED
GS/Contractor.  Notify supervisor.  Do not enter workplace for 14 days.  Follow CDC quarantine guidance.  ENTRY DENIED

3. Have you travelled domestically outside your authorized local travel radius (250 nm of USNA or domicile) in the past 14 days?
If “Yes,” direct individual to contact supervisor/ employer for specific guidance.  Supervisor will make a risk assessment and determine potential ROM / quarantine requirement based on state/county of travel location and routing.
Note:  Midshipmen reporting back to USNA will not be denied access due to travel.

Temperature Checks

  • Screeners shall take temperature less than one inch from individual’s forehead
  • No other physical location authorized other than forehead
  • If temperature > 100 degrees, screener shall allow the individual to wait 5-10 minutes then re-screen.
  • If temperature remains > 100 degrees, individual shall be required to leave and be instructed to not enter the workforce
  • Uniformed personnel inform Chain of Command, DoD Civilian or Contractor inform supervisor.  
  • Screener shall instruct the individual to put on a clean mask or face covering and contact/report to their medical provider (call ahead to inform them of their arrival).  Follow CDC Guidance.


  • Uniform for screeners is NWU or MARPAT, with face coverings.
  • Screeners shall document names and cost centers of any “failures” of screening questions or temperature check and reports to NADO at the end of each watch.
  • Midn reporting back to the Yard will not be denied access for travel.
  • Commercial/delivery vehicles and associated contractors are exempted. 
  • NADO may suspend temperature checks in case of severe weather.
  • NADO will notify CDO when commencing, concluding, or suspending checks.
  • If individuals are not compliant, screeners shall log their name and cost center and report to CDO and NSAA Security.  Screeners are not security personnel and shall not attempt to enforce compliance.
  • Yard residents entering the Yard by vehicle will screen upon entry, but will not be denied access. Only adults will be screened in a vehicle.